JMU Pink Dental Bibs (125 Pcs), Disposable Patient Bibs 13" x 18", 3 Ply Waterproof Tattoo Bibs Nail Paper Towels Tray Covers

  • 125PCS Disposable Bibs: You’ll receive 125 PCS dental bibs measured 13"x18" in each sealed bag to ensure sanitation. Adequate supplies for daily use and Large enough to provide maximum coverage and protection
  • Nail Art Napkins: Frequently used by nail artists for manicure, DIY, nail art, these disposable paper towels can quickly absorb liquid spills and dust durng manicure. Easily dispose materials after every client to keep your workbench hygienic and save cleaning time
  • Triple Layer Protection: Composed of 2-ply tissues and 1-ply poly film backing. 2 ply tissues will soak up liquids and spills, the poly film can provide optimal liquid barrier
  • Soft and Durable: Designed with horizontal embossing pattern, our dentist bibs have good water absorbency and softness. The bib sheets can be bent into any angle for easy placement, yet are made strong to prevent from tearing easily
  • Versatile Applications: These dental bibs are widely used in dental clinics, tattoo parlors, beauty salons and home. A Great choice for orthodontic practice, tattoo piercing, nail art, DIY, beauty procedures and senior care